About Us

Collaborate . Learn . Exchange

ENG is an online engineering collaboration platform. It is an interface platform for engineers, technology practitioners, engineering organizations, institutions, projects, news, products and services across Nigeria. ENG offers individuals and groups participation and access to mentoring, professional development and entrepreneurship opportunities. It also provides an intellectual framework for interdisciplinary exchange.


The Grid is an online professional networking platform for engineering and technology practitioners across the Nigerian Nation. This includes engineers, technicians, technologists, craftsmen and students in engineering.


Engine is an internet based technology news aggregator on the ENG Platform. It will cover all technology based news and engineering events in the Nigeria nation and other related global technology news.


The VEND section is a Nigerian online marketplace for a wide range of engineering products and services. It is an e-commerce service that matches product buyers to sellers and service providers to consumers.

ENG Tools

The ENG Tools provides a platform that brings together students, graduates and professionals of various engineering disciplines to develop and implement initiatives around strategic taglines in order to achieve defined goals and objectives - The ENG AIM

Current Initiatives

eProtege – Online Mentoring Initiative

eProtege is an online tool that matches and connects students, recent graduates and career beginners with experienced engineers for professional guidance and support outside the work environment for a maximum learning advantage.

thEXis – Research and Project Exchange Initiative

thEXis is an online service that facilitates exchange and outsourcing of research projects from industry professionals and organisations to university students, faculties and other interested graduates.

TIE – Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative

The TIE initiative is an online technology cluster that brings together start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs for the main aim of increasing productivity through shared knowledge and ideas.


Brainbox – Engineering Directory

Brain Box is an online engineering directory that offers a wide range of information related to; engineering & technology organizations, academic Institutions, public engineering groups and associations.

Jobs – Talent Solutions

The Jobs section is an online recruitment board that matches the top engineering job vacancies with the best talents in the industry.

SkillWare – Customised Engineering Trainings

SkillWare is a listing of professional, vocational and engineering software training courses. On the SkillWare section, engineering training administrators can list the courses they offer with details of their training locations, duration, costs and time schedules. This allows interested and available candidates to contact these training administrators and register for these courses.